Genius Celebs

There are many celebs out there that you would think as having not too much upstairs if you know what I mean.  However, there is a long list of celebrities who actually have a very high IQ.  There are many examples to list.  The first being Shakira who some of you may think because of her personality would not have a very IQ.  However, she actually has an IQ of 140.  Another celeb who may surprise you is Goldie Hawn.  Goldie has played many ditzy characters in her career but her IQ is surprisingly high.  James Franco is very educated and has many degrees even though he plays characters that tend to spoke a lot of funny cigarettes!  One may also think all supermodels are considered a bit air headed but look at Cindy Crawford.  She has an IQ of 156!  Funny man Steve Martin can’t be called a ‘Jerk’ considering he is labeled a genius for his 142 IQ.

No matter how you slice it up there are many celebrities out there who are extremely intelligent.  So next time you see one of those celebs on TV or film in a role you think portrays them as dumb, look them up.  You just might find it surprising what you find!

albert einstein


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