McCown proves to be no slouch!

Cleveland finally pulls off a win in Baltimore on Sunday!  Josh McCown drove his team down the field with under 3 minutes left to go on the clock.  McCown got the team in field goal range and set up Travis Coons for a 32 yard field goal which put the Browns in the lead 33-30.  McCown put up some record-setting numbers in the big win against the Ravens.  Josh had a team record-breaking total of 457 yards and two touchdowns.  The Browns have lost 13 of the last 14 matches against Baltimore and hopefully with their win yesterday the times are changing.

Coach of the Browns Mike Pettine said “Sometimes you get wins that define things for you, that become a turning point, and we’re hoping that was this for us”.  This win for the Browns definitely keeps them in a good spot as we go forward with the season.  They stay ahead of Baltimore which will help them down the road.

One of the most incredible plays yesterday was made by tight end Gary Barnidge.  He managed to catch the football between his legs and set the browns up for a 22-21 lead which was the first lead by the Browns during the game.

Time will tell but Josh McCown certainly won some of the hearts of the Cleveland fans on Sunday.  Lets just hope he can keep this momentum up throughout the rest of the season!



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