Randy Quaid Jailed

Last Friday after trying to cross the border from Canada to the US, Randy Quaid and his wife were arrested.  Quaid and his wife were charged and transferred to two different courts in Vermont.  It appears that Quaid and wife Evi had numerous arrest warrants out for each other and had fled to Canada.  The warrants were from 2010 where the two were charged with felony vandalism when they caused more than $5000 in damages while squatting in a home in Santa Barbara, California.  Randy and his wife failed to appear to several court dates due to this matter and Randy was denied permanent residency in 2012. Evi was however granted citizenship.

The two are currently being held in a Vermont jail and both of their bails have been set at $500,000.  Evi entered a plea of not guilty earlier today however, Quaid has not yet entered his plea.  He will do so in three days when he has to return to court.

This information got me thinking of the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation in which Randy played a character by the name of Cousin Eddie.  Eddie was someone who meant well but was ignorant to put it mild when it came to many issues. Perhaps Quaid was channeling his Lampoons character while he was fleeing the country.  Hopefully this whole mess will get taken care of and Randy can continue to making us laugh.  I can’t imagine never seeing Randy again bringing us more joy with his outstanding character portrayals.  Perhaps a Kingpin 2 could be in the future?



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