Depression Awareness

Depression can sneak up on us especially at this time of year.  We are getting close to holiday season time and the seasons are quickly changing.  Day light savings time is this week and with the falling back of the clock can tend to alter our sleep patterns.  Now is the time to take care of yourself!  If you fall under the category of someone who develops seasonal depression like I do, here are some tips to avoid that slump.

  • Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins!  I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D3. This will help you with those days when out of the blue you begin to feel tired and sluggish.  Generally at this time of the year we don’t get enough sunlight so our natural source of Vitamin D is diminished.
  • Get enough Sleep.  To get a good nights rest your body needs 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  If you are not getting enough rest your body doesn’t recover as well and you are more likely to become depressed.
  • Exercise is key.  Try to get yourself in some kind of regular exercise routine.  This will increase your energy levels and keep you in a positive mood.

Whether you suffer from depression or not it is always good to work on the items in the list above.  Your life can only become better and less stressful if you maintain a healthy life style!




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