Review of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

The creators of Paranormal Activity have done it again!  In the latest sequel to this horror series we are introduced to a family of three who have currently moved into their new house.  Ryan and Emily Fleege and their seven-year old daughter Leila are portrayed as the all American family.  At the start of the movie the family has a couple of guests that come to stay with them and that’s when the fun begins.  Ryan and his brother find an old movie camera when they are cleaning out a room of the house.  They discover many old VHS tapes that were made from the old camera and decide to watch them.  On the tapes are old footage of people who used to live in their house doing rituals.  They soon discover that when they use the camera to film at the house that they can see weird shapes and ghost like images.  Meanwhile, Ryan and Emily’s daughter Leila has developed an imaginary friend named Jacob who seems to be reeking havoc on the household.

I really enjoyed this addition to the Paranormal series.  It was different from the previous movies in regards to the story.  This movie centered more around demon possession.  A priest was introduced at one point to help the family rid of the evil spirits that were surrounding their daughter.  Usually in movies the priest comes in and saves the day, however in this movie that didn’t happen.  I liked the unexpected aspect of this movie and it didn’t follow the same Hollywood script.   It was definitely scary and kept you guessing.

One of the scariest scenes in the movie is when Ryan and his brother are reviewing an old tape of one of the rituals being held in the house.  While watching they soon realize that the girl in the video is describing the room they are currently in.  You realize that the girl is having visions of the future and items in the room start to move around.  This scene scared the crap out of me and was very unexpected.

The acting in the movie wasn’t top-notch but Ivy George who played the young daughter Leila stole the show.  She was very believable especially in the scenes when she had to act without someone and talk to her imaginary friend.  She had a difficult role to pull off and I think she did it well.  In Ivy’s scenes where she is speaking to her imaginary friend Jacob she displays some creepy expressions and makes you believe that there is someone actually in the room with her.

Overall, I would give the movie a B.  It kept my attention and once we got into the scenes with Leila talking to Jacob the suspense picked up.  My main critique would be that it took them too long at the beginning of the movie to get to the action.  I understand that they had to set the story up but they could have added more suspense to keep the audience from getting bored.  Watch the trailer below for a sneak peak at the movie.


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