Jamie Lee Curtis recreates Psycho scene and shows her Family Values

One of the greatest scenes in horror movie history is the infamous shower scene from Psycho.  Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock made one of the scariest scenes in movie history.  What was one of the amazing things about it was that Hitchcock was able to scare his audience without all the hoopla of special effects.  The scene was in black and white and didn’t display a lot of gore like most movies now do.  If you have never seen it check out the clip below. 

What some of you may not be aware of is actress Janet Leigh, who made that scene famous in the movie Psycho, is actually horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother. Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Michael Myers sister in the epic Halloween movies, currently stars in the new Ryan Murphy hit Scream Queens on Fox.  Ryan recently approached the star to see if she would be up to recreating that famous scene for the new show.  Jamie didn’t exactly jump at the chance to pay homage to her mother. In a recent interview she stated “[The show] wrote a scene in the shower that was reminiscent of one my mom did.  I’ve avoided the shower-I’ve avoided all of it- for a very long time. I always felt that it was my mother’s legacy.”  After much thought Curtis felt the timing was right.  She figured she was at the right age in her life and agreed to do the scene.  She said “Obviously, it was thrilling, it was emotional.  You know, I texted my sister crying … it’s a big deal.” To see the completed scene from Scream Queens watch the video below.

Not only is Jamie Lee honoring her mom but she also is supporting her son’s interests as well.  Recently she posted a few pictures of herself on her way to a gaming convention with her son Tom.  Curtis says “It’s a little tough for me to walk around, because I’m a little noticeable.  So, I have to go incognito. If I keep moving, nobody recognizes me.”  Supporting her family is something Curtis feels strongly about and you can see that in her work.

Jamie definitely has managed to keep her family together and show hollywood that family values still do exist.  She has managed to stay married for 31 years to Spinal Tap alum Christopher Guest.  Her best advice on how to stay together?  “Don’t get divorced”.  This celebrity could probably teach anyone out there a thing or too!


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