School Killing Outbreaks


Over the past couple months pasted across our television screens have been a multitude of school shootings/killings.  Since Columbine, this has been a topic of conversation and we are still dealing with this issue some 20 years later.  Schools have added security guards and metal detectors but still the events have continued.  The latest outbreak was at the University of California where a student attacked another student with a hunting knife.  The attacker, Faisal Mohammad, also stabbed three other students in his rampage.  The numerous items that were found in his belongings were very disturbing.  Mohammad’s backpack contained zip-tie handcuffs, petroleum jelly, a night scope, and a hammer to break windows.  This attack like so many was clearly well planned.

In regards to the Umpqua College shooting that occurred earlier this year, the assassin had multiple weapons on them and police discovered more at his residence.  Six firearms were recovered from the crime scene along with five handguns and one long gun.  The shooter had enough ammunition for a huge gunfight.

These examples of violence towards students  make me wonder what exactly is it that is making these killers commit these acts.  The better question is what can we do as a society to help prevent this from happening again and again.  I believe it starts with the school administrators but doesn’t end there.  School officials and staff need to do more in order to prevent these terrible events from happening.  I know that they have enforced more security at many schools but I feel they need to do more.

Many of these killers have displayed previous mental health issues and some media outlets have said that this might be the cause of these outbreaks.  In my opinion, I don’t feel that mental illness is behind all of these killings.  Studies have shown that in mass killings three out of four killers didn’t possess any mental disorder.  I think, along with many other factors, that a persons upbringing has a lot to do with how they behave.  Parents have a strong responsibility to teach their children right from wrong but also about human worth.  This is one of the most important jobs on the planet and if taken for granted is what I believe is causing these people to act out in violence.  Kids who witness their father or mother performing violent acts will learn these behaviors from them.  After all children look up to their parents as role models and this is how they learn most of their behavior.

Parents aren’t the only ones to blame in these situations.  I believe that teachers, fellow peers and high-profile celebrities also need to do their job in showing todays youth that violence is not okay.   Basically everyone has a duty to act morally and peacefully towards all others.  I think having young people do more acts of kindness towards one another would help to teach them proper values.  However, some people are just prone to violence and can learn it all on their own.  Unfortunately, those are the ones that are unpredictable and are hard to prevent.

Overall, the message that we all should be spreading across our country and especially to our youth of America, is to love one another.  We are all in this crazy world together and with the love and support of one another we can all be happy. untitled


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