Virginia woman gets 18 years for killing mother

56422743a6160.imageA nineteen year old woman shot and killed her mother on Black Friday back in 2013.  She told authorities that she planned to kill herself but then thought that her mother would be too upset.  So instead she turned the gun on her bedridden mother and killed her instead.  After the event, she sent her father a text that she had killed her mother.  The father, Donald Hutson, thought she was joking at first until he viewed the photo and realized that his daughter had actually killed his wife.  One of the most disturbing facts from the story is that when Rachel Hutson aimed the gun at her mom she thought she was joking.  The mother said that she would certainly get in trouble as soon as her father got home.  That was definitely an understatement.

The fact that a child could actually kill their parent in cold blood is extremely disturbing on many levels.  This child obviously had psychological issues going on in order to commit such an act.  I know that she stated to the court that she was intending to kill herself which in itself is a serious red flag for depression or mental illness.  She told the judge that she had been feeling depressed for as long as she could remember.  Rachel took care of her 58-year-old bedridden mother for several years.

I find it hard to believe that a person at the age of nineteen doesn’t just develop this kind of thinking out of the blue.  These kinds of feelings and thoughts have to originate from somewhere.  Whether it be genetic or due to her home life was never determined.  Rachel did say that she was depressed but you can’t use that as an excuse to commit first degree murder.  If that were the case than there would be many more murders on a daily basis.  Parents also need to keep an eye on their kids well-being.  I am sure that Rachel showed many signs of depression while caring for her mother.  As a teenager, you should not be expected to be the primary caregiver for your parent.  They are supposed to take care of the child not the other way around.

I do agree that this woman needs to pay for her consequences but imprisoning her isn’t going to fix it.  They need to come up with a way to treat these mentally ill people and try to better them for when they do enter back into society.  This girl is obviously mentally ill and should be getting treatment.  Prison alone will only hide the problem and even make it worse.  I have had dealt with bouts of depression myself and no one can understand the state that your mind is in unless you have been there yourself.  It can sometime be an out-of-body experience that you can only get through by talking with someone or in some cases being prescribed medication.

Mental illness has been an ongoing issue especially in these types of murders and we as a nation need to do more to help those people who struggle with it.  If you ever notice or suspect anyone of havingLogo suicidal thoughts please don’t be afraid to report it. We all as a society should look out for one another and try to help when we can.


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